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POS Data Management

This platform, fed by information from different retailers, allows you to analyze various KPI’s: Sales, Price, Margin, Days of inventory, among others. You can even make multi-source comparisons such as Sell in vs. Sell out, EBITDA, and your portfolio information.

Information Management Process

Collect We acquire your information regardless of it’s source (Email, web, Excel, csv, etc.) as often as necessary. Homologate We organize your data making it viable to be readable in reports. Distill We accurately analyze the validity and quality of your data to extract its essence. Dashboard We help you to visualize your data easily, to understand it and make decisions. Refine Although the dashboard is the end of the process, the circuit refines continuously.

Total accessibility

When, where and at any gadget. If you need answers, you will find them.

Your data in real-time

Using the cloud allows you to have updated information all the time.

The best cost-benefit

We give you intelligent solutions at an affordable cost, because you deserve to get the real value of your information.

Distributor Connect

Accelerate your growth in emerging markets using this great sales platform that allows you to: collect and consolidate information from different distributors automatically, allowing you to know in detail the behavior of your sales in an inconspicuous market and capitalize on opportunities identified in the supply chain.

With Store Intelligence’s Distributor Connect,
you will be able to understand your distributor’s KPI’s:

  • Inventory
  • Sales Tracking
  • Inventory days
  • Execution opportunities and more

All distributors will be connected,
no matter what system or database they use.

Data Compilation

Distributor’s DB SI Extractor Configured DB Users We quickly and easily connect all the necessary data bases from different distributors through our SIExtractor® software. Then we generate the best visualizations of the obtained information, to make immediate decisions with accurate information of the quality process. All this without wasting your own resources.

Better know of your market

Get full visibility of your KPI’s and evaluate your sales behavior along the supply chain.

Reach faster

Redefine your distribution strategy, reaching efficiently more consumers.

Reduce Costs

Minimize unnecessary costs, idle inventory and enhance your sales force performance.

Syndicated Data

100% tracking of the different categories of participating products within traditional channel in over 3,000 stores. Market share analysis, distribution opportunities, pricing strategy and purchase ticket.



Store Checks

We believe in the continuos practice of Store Checks, as the best vehicle for learning the sellings dynamics of your products. We identify opportunities and findings which, once they are correlated with quantitative information, generate a source of knowledge translated into conceptual contributions of value creation for your business.

Field Observation

We collect, analyze and deliver a report of the general behavior of your products in POS.

Data Correlating

We correlate quantitative information with qualitative information found in POS in order to detect great opportunities.