your decisions

A partner who devotes all his experience, technological expertise and interpretative ability, to boost your growth.

Business Review

The deep understanding of your writing essay business from all angles, allows us to develop a vision beyond numbers, identifying opportunities and trends, suggesting proposals and strategic solutions that promote the development of your business.

Performance per period

Comparing sales behavior and inventory against similar periods to measure the degree of success.

Business Trends

Detection of unexpected behaviors in sales dynamics of your products to capitalize on opportunities.

KPIs findings

Specific business recommendations through analysis of different variables and indicators.

Trade Marketing Recommendations

To know what happens with your products and those of your competitors on a regular basis in POS, will make possible the use of unexplored potential through planned actions whose effects can be measured.

Patterns in Categories

We compare quantitative and qualitative information from POS to find trends and patterns that demand actions to improve business performance.

Test & Control

We design trials in POS with Test and Control methodology, in order to validate initial hypothesis.

Relevant Proposals

We define proven business proposals to increase sales and optimize POS resources.


You have earned a partner. And like one, we will support any proposal or initiative in front of third parties, based on the knowledge we have gained about your business. Our vision will add strength and certainty to yours.

  • Joint planning of presentations to your customers
  • Helping in conceptual design of sales strategy