can you swim in lake san cristobal

© 2020 Lake City | Website Design by VistaWorks. advagg_mod_5(); This is the only lake in the area in which you can catch Kokanee Salmon as well as trout. And continuously, within this wondrous dreamscape, whispers from the past mingle with voices of the present in the cool, rarefied air of remote Hinsdale County and its historic town of Lake City. Nice to have a water source near by, especially one you can swim in! Red Mountain Gulch Day Use Area is a good place to park, as is the area by the bridge at the lake inlet a little further up the road. }); If you are interested in hiking Uncompahgre Peak with us, please contact us separately and we will explain the details. Lake San Cristobal Near Lake City and Creede, Lake San Cristobal is a geologic marvel amid the San Juan Mountains formed by a rare earthflow. Yes: Depth of Lake: 60 ft. There is water to fill your camper and a dump station, and a very friendly camp host who are just the best. Plan to fish a full day at these lakes in order to intersect their prime feeding periods. It was so clear you could see right in it and see plants and fish! googletag.defineSlot('/14641836/HOME_Tile_1_180x150', [[300, 250], [180, 150]], 'div-gpt-ad-1521561132993-0').addService(googletag.pubads()); El Junco Lagoon Boats, including canoes, kayaks, and fishing boats, are available for rent from local businesses. View this land for sale with 1.19 acres by Lake City in Hinsdale County, Colorado 81235. Address: Highway 149, Lake City, CO. Why you need to go: You can go fishing, boating, or relax lakeside for some fantastic views. colorado's lake san cristobal’s new dam The new dam at the outlet of Lake San Cristobal is going to solve problems that Lake City residents have dealt with for over one hundred and thirty years. [CDATA[// >