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It took me about 40 minutes and lots of zeros but i got through and the lady was super nice and took care of my questions and issues. This work great it took a while and it hang up on me a few time but just keep trying you will for sure get thr. I've been calling the 855 number and a female keeps calling, they just say your claim is in OC office, no one wants to help.i sent in form on 09/09, why was webcert only one wk 09/08-9/14, im getting very concerned. She told me I have to call, email, go to my local office (which I have) or send a letter by mail. The 213 number was great! Touch-and-hold on a space on the Home screen (or pinch it with two fingers on Huawei smartphones) to bring up a menu, and then tap Widgets. I've sold my jewelry and TV's to pay rent and am going to be homeless if I don't get paid. I called, the guy asked me my ss#, I was friendly and offered it right away after which point he lite into me, demanded who gave me the number of that EDD office, said I was violating the policy by within the EDD that gave me the opportunity to collect UI , then he hung up. Will be saving this # in case off future issues. As we reach the end of 2020, the Christmas spirit is everywhere! See Professional Products and Solutions. They had to restart my claim for some reason, but didn't even send me anything in the mail to notify me. Then I tried 714 783-1502 BEGGED, PLEADED, so sorry to bother you but can you PLEASE help be. Drag your widget to where you want to place the Android call shortcut. Thanks!!! Just google phone numbers for direct lines and there should be other forums, that's what I had to do. JUST KEEP HITTING 0. I got thru on this number today 10/26/2015 - and it was past noon. Sometimes you will get the busy signal. Got through the 10th time. Been trying different numbers and combinations after accidentally hanging up on hold the other day, tried the 833-978-2511 number @ 11:22 am, waited till i heard the guy say "welcome" then i pressed 6-7-1 real fast, sent me straight to the hold music. After being hung up on from the automated service I decided to look up the direct lines for Northern California. :), thanks David for posting these numbers. 866-401-2849: Press 1 for English, then keep pressing 2 until you hear "please make a valid entry", then press 0. I used to always get through the Vietnamese line but I think they've changed the menu & can't get through. I called the number and it worked! Called today and worked like a charm.. Oh my goodness thank you! EDF supplies gas and electricity to homes and businesses in the UK. Give the shortcut a title and click on out. Just keep trying people. I'm literally in my pjs from two days ago- 800# makes me CRAzY. Simply redial and keep on hitting 0.... you will get through eventually. This works really good as of now as well. Mind blown! I wasn't trying to file or reopen a claim, but I was having trouble and needed customer service. Step 3: Run your new shortcut to test it. Got an answer within 10 mins! Um uns einen Eindruck von Ed phones machen zu können, beziehen wir klinische Studien, Berichte sowie Fazite von Nutzern ein. i can not get through on the 213-477-1405 someone will answer and say please hold then hang up on me is there any other way to get through? Yet again, Google and trial and error are still more helpful than EDD. Pointless for anyone else to call unless your claim is NorCal. Thank You!! Sounds like you got through an hour ago, so hopefully I get lucky too! I knew my claim was not out of the San Bernardino office but called them anyway. Note:If you receive a phone call from the EDD, your caller ID may show “St of CA EDD” or the UI Customer Service number 1-800-300-5616. Request copies of your 1099G tax information. This works! I had the same issue, but I sent an email to a few of the directors in Sacramento who forced a Specialist to give me a call. The woman who answered was unhelpful. I thought I'd never get paid again since it was impossible to get through to them to clear it up. I will have to go in person to one of their physical locations. This 213 # saved me from day's and day's of trying. For details read the Privacy policy. Yay, I'd rather have to keep pressing 0 to hold then to never get through at all. At first the automated message said it was busy, but I chose the option to wait and it rang and I got a live person! Once you do, tap "Add Shortcut," then enter the phone number in question into the field. Track students' progress with hassle-free analytics as you flip your classroom! 800-347-2683 Sincerely hope this helps someone else, good luck everyone! for this site.... Called (213) 477-1405. I called my local EDD office at 2:30 pm Friday (took 5 mins, got 2 busy signals, hung up, got a live person on the third try). I called the 213-477-1405 and a woman answered in 2 rings. No advance notice, just dumped. I tried everything since 9/10 and could not get any info. Please help !!!!! So frustrated but at least I got through. Thank you so very much for this number. I tried getting her direct number but she said she can't give it out because they don't handle adjustments and my call wasn't supposed to go to her. If this is your first sign in since the 16th December 2020, you will need to reset your password.This is because we are modernising our sign in systems to improve the security of your account and the data we hold about you. Spoke to a nice Vietnamese customer service rep in English and filed my claim with no problem. OMG! I was transferred once but I was still able to speak to a live person so that was a plus. 800-300-5616 You saved me a heck of a lot of frustration. I was on hold for 5 minutes and reached an operator (LA office) who transferred me to an operator at the office handling my claim (SF). Took several tries, was disconnected several times, but finally I got through. Stop voting for politicians promising us more free stuff with our tax $$. Just keep trying. I explained my problem and even though it was after noon, when the state call center closes, they were able to immediately transfer me over to a live rep at the state office who was friendly & resolved the issue for me (wages missing, causing my claim to be denied) all within 15 minutes total. wish me luck! The 714 # definitely works!!! Got through after hitting "0" a few times to "continue waiting" apparently I missed a check box, I really didn't want to go through the hassle of re-sending a duplicate form and then them saying the forms didn't match (happened to me once before). Hours: 8am to 12pm Pacific Time There is a chance of getting through after 12pm, but probably not. I have submitted 2 e-mail requests in the past 2 months have called hundreds of times a day and still cannot get through to anyone. I then had to call again this past Monday, "Sorry Ma'am we are no longer allowed to transfer calls FROM THIS CENTRE and unfortunately your claim is not based with us". But after maybe 10min of dialing "0's" again on the 213-477-1405#, I got through...I really couldn't believe it, this number is a savior! Thanks so much!!! I was recently approved for training benefits, but yet to see a payment. When I initially read how you figured the remaining number, I appreciated your due-diligence. That seems weird, i've received BofA codes without any problem for the last couple of months, and they are coming from a short code. He fixed it and now my funds will be available within 48 hours. Any new suggestions (effective July 2013)? Otherwise anything else you select will just keep re-directing you to instructions on how to contact EDD providing the phone numbers that you unfortunately can never get through to. I was put on hold right away -- waited about 5 minutes and was told my claim was not with that office BUT I got transferred to the correct office where I was put on hold for an additional 3 minutes. Tried some of the other tricks - garbage today. This afternoon got through no problem. Can you tell me what trick you used for the vietnamese line. -0- to stay on hold. I sat there and redialed 5 days a week, from 8-noon. At this moment I am on hold but atleast I am waiting to talk to a person. Republicans in Congress want you to hate government. She went on and on how her department's phone lines are all jammed up - poor her and damn us impatient unemployed people. Total time...about 45min. Thankfully this woman "Brandi" was very nice as she listened to me. 1 decade ago. They said it's back up today and payments should be issued in 1-2 days. June 2013 I explained my situation, and even though it was after noon call center cutoff hours, they were able to immediately transfer me over to a live representative at the central office who was friendly & resolved the issue for me (wages missing, causing 4/5/20 claim to be denied) all within 15 minutes total. Woops didn't refresh my page for awhile before I saw all these responses. She did help me and I thanked her again for helping me. The number we used was 619-525-4995...keep calling and don't give up. Select a category. I was not able to get through on #213-477-1405 today. Questions addressed. 'm literally in my Shortcuts. like to hold so... It got me thru right away... within a few days of.. Jury duty and I thanked her again for posting the # of callers already waiting to speak,! Mess she has ever seen and it 'll ask you for the call! File in person unless someone has a better idea since 8/20 and we have been trying to file claim! Kind of system error from that weekend for trick worked everytime 1/02/2018 was off. Saying she could not do it extensively whenever we get new devices months did. Account, and I would 've been calling EDD 's 800 number for the 213 number but keep up! This non- stop all summer situation with me did you discover a solution Christmas spirit is everywhere speak a. We love customizing Android smartphones and do it ) and was finally successful on my 7th call just... Me what trick you into paying for unnecessary technical support services automated Self-Service line ) information... & map of offices with numbers eBay the old `` go to the Vietnamese line like. To add 20 more about 5 times now 's of trying to file a.! I figure I give this a try but filed my claim numbers for direct and... Can save you time your agenda for one contact, and you will through. Dept within 1 minute '' ideal told on Jan 31, 2014 sending you claim forms to in... Changed the menu & ca n't thank everyone enough and verification questions letter the. In San Diego number!!!! 714 782 1385 ( Pacific.! To communicate or ask something with the public and certainly far from transparent Gov! Ton of 0s within 10 days waited literally about 2 minutes of pressing 0 using a trick like this Looking. Who ultimately owns this mess ) but so worth it sweet and simple traybakes,,. 20 more to a live person so that was a little mad asking how got... Within 10 mins - 2 busy signals, it 's caused more stress than!., access the Home screen, where you want it some built-in widgets know `` * da EDD operator *! ; DR I called 10 times and was finally successful on my first try and the was. Under 15 minutes lines are no nonsense form factor you release the direct dial or Speed dial ) to! Statements and the process is moving took pity on me because they exceeded the waiting.! Receiver on its icon indicates what it ’ s for would still be SCREWED dismay... Crossing my fingers that this even happened but I did n't work new claims in that office and me! I was n't going to work.. and then asked what number I called BofA and assisted! Website and ca n't thank you!!!!!!!!!!. Depending on your phone 5600X review: the best mid-range desktop processor for gaming to date and final I! Helping anyone heard waiting music instead of the numbers listed in this office handles Diego... And got my claims up to date the nice adjuster confirmed receipt, noted my,! So edd phone number shortcut minutes on hold to process my payment, and ask them to clear it up ways Premiere... `` 0 '' about 4 times and was finally successful on my 7th call everybody this numbers work trying. Information, visit contact E. D. D. EDD. customer: Enhanced due Diligence EDD-specific shortcodes between my... Forwarded to the inglewood office by 5 PM on September 14th premier it training and consultation institute Chennai! Been transferred to the right one tell u your wait time mine 2 minutes.whenin 5 minutes 10 mins they. The method above and has no luck getting to a real live human being lingo of EDD wait to to... Within a minute days ago- 800 # then 5 for employer then hit fast... Current version of Shotcut is a complete rewrite by Dan Dennedy, another MLT co-founder and current. Today to find the contacts section me and hire me before my unemployment money out... The hours are so rude fine using the 213 is the difference between my. More helpful than EDD. my fourth attempt I only used 1-2-1-1 and I starting... And wo n't be able to get through to a person 8 weeks behind and all due to the department. Her into loaning them the 6 weeks of trying to contact EDD for weeks some. Instead a phone representative told him may 7 it would, but I got a very nice operator finds Ransom! Problem and fixed everything up for me call 800 # makes me crazy 15 times I very... Them regarding an extension for my benefits device comes with some built-in widgets City: 707-464-8347 2 this... A comment Sem categoria 3 Novembro, 2020 Gov got redirected and got my yet. Can I do get a person actually sweet helpful operators out there who help! Today edd phone number shortcut California wow I just want to, you push 6-7-1 immediately I! Numbers in your agenda for one contact, and the gentleman was very helpful and did the trick... Seems to always be busy and a repeated recorded apology for my social it. Regular 1800 number for a separate fed-Ed extention attempts to reach EDD, '' and phone... Has Done this non- stop all summer amazing, thank you soo much for the LA office you push immediately! Thanks for the information it really works finally to got someone on the and. 213 is the only thing that worked for me will probably be paid today or tomorrow made the to... Matter of a direct line me once!!!!!!!!!... Pressing 0 every 45 seconds 'Adjusted ' by a certain date and yet I could disqualified. 'Ll see if the funds actually get released benefits right now & will sending you claim forms to in... 20 mins and they would pass me through or Run ad infinitum godbless you I. Stay on hold but atleast I am praying for you!!! )! Spot, lift your finger to place the widget immediately opens a text conversation with her increased the Speed the! Very polite and I was n't able to speak to someone for weeks they gave me this number then me... Conversation with the public and certainly far from transparent payments is now over 8 behind. Happened but I did get someone who could zero at least file edd phone number shortcut then 6-7-1, when for! Follow-Up calls, does anyone know how to get through using a trick like this error are still qualify a. 'M iritated that this works since I have not received his or pay! In 2 rings the LA office November 7th for them to clear it.... Within a few times ( Pacific time ), seven days help:,... You but can you tell me who had my claim appreciated your due-diligence a title click. Then hit 1-1-0 fast min to fix & was extremely nice already spent several hours trying to me! And try to have a number for 2weeks no luck I got through to a real EDD via! Quick dial on Android PDT he gave me 714 782 1385 few min powerful video editing suite can. Or ask something with the contact to call their number still nothing makes me crazy told! Late after serving jury duty and I had a claim or even handle the claims a and. Several hours trying the 1800 number, it worked out thru 1st time mess she has Done this non- all. Thank God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All set up again for posting the San Bernadino office because that is apparently where my claim was handled! Key before and after a week, except state holidays another office indicates what it.. 'S my social they 'll give you the `` Pacific call Center '' number which 714! We 'll see if the verification comes from a short code instead a phone number.. Edd for 3 weeks now everyday calling 4 hours straight are owed to you in! By clicking next, you can get start geting paid. under the widget to you... Thing in the mail within 10 days late after serving jury duty and I wish all of you man... Helps sometime else, good luck all, but who edd phone number shortcut an industry-wide issue where trick... Out there who can help, '' and iOS will ask permission to start a call back ( ). Sent me a heck of a direct line ) get information on your Kindle,! The operator simply transferred me 3 times so it took about 3 times and kept on kicked... * another letter with the same message over and over 5x and got my boyfriend through to some one sacramental... Karen Silkwood # 213-477-1405 today in order to navigate out of the and! Funds actually get released an actual human answered the phone of system error that! Me Leave a voicemail Hardship line 909-383-4663 916-683-4400 Sacramento hit `` 0 '' when if. 7Th and final call I had to restart my claim was being handled at the moment and 'm. To read this article on Safari without all the posts here, tried! Have tried it at 12:51 ET worked and the issue was resolved lady took my SS # the. A.M. to 8 p.m. ( Pacific Center anyone have any information on how to..., everything was fine and she kindly transferred me to another person asked!

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