smitten kitchen rhubarb snacking cake

I just made a version of this but with the shortbread crust of your lemon bars + ground ginger and the crumble of your blackberry-blueberry crumb pie. There are just so many good things that can be made with rhubarb! Thank you, Deb! It is weird that that’s what I really want rather than the finished product? This is followed by a layer of sweet — but not so sweet that it forgets its tart roots — rhubarb that’s been macerated with sugar and lemon and baked into a jammy layer that’s closer to the inside of a crumb bar than the standard handful of berries normally speckled throughout summer cake. from the farmers market this morning and made this cake for a friend’s 30th this afternoon. Good thing I got a rhubarb plant :-) It needs to grow faster though. Thanks for the inspiration :). Many of my fresh, young rhubarb stalks are large; others smaller in circumference so size does not appear to make the difference. So so good. Now to get my hands on some rhubarb. I was a little short on rhubarb, and it could have used more, but I love that it is a great jumping off point for almost any other fruit as people have said above. Had a hankering for rhubarb-something yesterday and this was exactly it. I have to confess though – when I tasted this once it came out of the oven (just following orders) I really didn’t want to bring it in to work to share it with everyone. I made this cake tonight for my last dinner with my family in New England before I move to Texas, and it was fantastic!! I did appreciate how the rhubarb really is able to shine ‘like it’s tart little self’ and loved that my teeth found a small piece of lemon zest during the feeding. That sort of rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it? Once I do find some I am definitely making this! Mix this cake up and take advantage of your free afternoon. It goes perfectly with my morning coffee! So today I made this rhubarb cake and it’s cooling on the counter. I have some from the farmer’s market, but I have no idea how much it weighs and I don’t have a scale at home… thanks! I didn’t have sour cream so I swapped it for yoghurt. What could I replace the sour cream with, for a dairy-free version? And, the rhubarb muffin recipe was delicious too!!!! BTW, I also didn’t have enough butter for chunky crumbs (#252)–and that might have been part of the problem. What impressed me most about the cake was the slight caramelizing of the crumb at the edges due to the long cooking time. I have made this cake several times. I worry it might get a bit wet/soggy. The base cake is really good. I didn’t know if it would work or not- if the fruit would release too much liquid or not. The rhubarb was rather juicy when I put it on the cake, but it seems okay now. * Rhubarb Destroying Cake. Smitten Kitchen doesn’t need introductions. This is really a great recipe! I’ll be putting those tips to good use this afternoon at our handy dandy Publix Market. I accidentally used the full 265g sugar in the cake – oops – and it was absolutely lovely. What a great recipe! Will make this cake, will fall in love. It’s great to see it being used in so many ways. It turned out great! Just absolutely love it. Mine was ready in 45 minutes. hahahaha!! For some reason, my cake was done after about 30 minutes instead of the recipe’s minimum 40 — but luckily I kept an eye on it, so no problem. Next time for sure! (Also, it worked.) I absolutely love your raspberry, strawberry and blueberry summer cakes – so if you say this is even better, I cannot wait to try it!!! I made this last night and I’m eating it for breakfast this morning with coffee, it’s so fabulous! It is best to use the younger stalks, but I don’t know how one could differentiate between younger and older. BTW, Gluten free works great! I made a terrible mistake when putting this together. Yessss! I might always make it this way. It’s great in lemon squares, scones, chocolate chip cookies, and the pat in peach tart crust Amanda Hesser wrote about in Cooking for Mr. Latte. This is the cake base I’ve been looking for forever, I hope. The coconut rhubarb combination is sublime!! In the spirit of recipe adaptation based on what’s in the house: there’s a batch of this made with whole wheat flour and dark brown sugar in the oven as we speak. This dessert sounds like a wonderful homage to my grandma. I think that the crumb layer would have benefited from using oat flour rather than GF, but it’s a great cake, and something to do with the rhubarb plant in the backyard. I think my mommy brain took over (I have a toddler and am 6 months pregnant – double whammy), and I didn’t even realize until the next day that instead of grabbing my 1/3 cup measuring cup, I grabbed the half cup. It is good, but I am not sure that I love rhubarb (this was my first time cooking with it) so I may not make it again. From Smitten Kitchen, as inspired by Martha Stewart Living. Oh! (I mean, I was excited too — I just made the cake first :) I’ve made the strawberry summer cake and raspberry buttermilk cakes so many times. Deb, I got some last night at the farmers market but not sure weight and I don’t have a scale :/, I just made it and it was about 4 cups :). Her rhubarb snacking cake is another favorite. Last week they only has some very sad looking stalks. Also, perfect timing, as I don’t know much about rhubarb so now this give me an excuse to learn. Again, this was perfection. Stir together rhubarb, lemon juice and 2/3 cup sugar and set aside. have limes and kind of feel like I NEED this cake…. Deb – make this cake for my dad/gram on Fathers’ Day, as we are all 3 rhubarb fans. I decided to make this at 9pm and i’m so happy that I did. Froze one and the second was gone in 2 days. The first time I made this with yogurt and I skipped the lemon and ginger. almond rhubarb picnic bars. My husband enjoyed a piece the next morning with his coffee. Instead of making it in two 9-inch square pans, I baked it in a single 9×13, which is closer to the size I think is fitting for a picnic or pot luck and less work. Rhubarb Snacking Cake. The choice is tormenting me! You are leading us down the garden path! Post was not sent - check your email addresses! I’ve been waiting for this summer’s everyday cake. Planning on trying lots of ways to make rhubarb pie. I’m going to try this cake – totally up my alley. Cake: 4 cups rhubarb, sliced; 1 1/3 cup granulated sugar, divided; 1 lemon, juiced and zested Just followed your instructions to eat a piece standing up. If you remember your rhubarb tarts, they have a vanilla bean and the vanilla made the rhubarb so creamy, but still kept the tangy, sharpness. If you have no tried this, you are missing out on something fantastic. I also think scrapping the cardamom and the ginger, but adding rosemary and a few pine nuts, might be pretty fun. I’d cut any larger fruit into 1/2-inch chunks so it can really bake down. This is unbelievable. The center stalks are larger while the outer stalks smaller around. great for dessert, even better for breakfast :) Like some others I didn’t know what to do about all the lemon juice that the rhubarb was sitting in, but I just poured it on top and worked out fine (but would be curious what you do, Deb!) The recipe sounds wonderful. Jenna — No problem! I added a bit more lemon juice than suggested, as hate to throw things away – makes the sponge like a mini version of a Lemon Drizzle cake – this is definitely going on the make again pile. I love summer cakes…probably because there is no frosting involved. I love rhubarb and this cake looks so delicious! Now we’re pulling frozen rhubarb out of the freezer, and it’s summer all over again. Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Google+ (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window). Thanks for the warning on the poisonous leaves! I just made something similar this week. The center portions had a better cake/rhubarb ratio, so they weren’t quite as sweet–but they were the most gooey from the extra rhubarb juice. But I shall bravely carry on and try this anyway. (And later, a glass or two of Pinot Noir. Hi Karen — I fluff and scoop and level or spoon and level. I’m willing to finish off this whole snacking cake on my own if I have to, as well. The crumbs are delicious. It’s not too sweet. That’s awesome — I didn’t know. I want to know so that I can have a little clue about what to buy at the farmers’ market. Actually i made lately few times rhubarb cake based exactly on you Russian sharlotca recipe – both with apples and without – good results every time – test even better if left for one day in fridge. Most of the rhubarb cakes I’ve had before have been mushy/too sour/too sweet – something is always off. It was really fantastic. It leads to the longer baking time but also a very moist and flavorful cake. (I, for one, love rhubarb + vanilla.) Beat the sugar and butter together. Just the best. Stir in rhubarb. I will say pr-elevened flour makes a mess of the crumb top, but the overall textture and taste was still delicious. This bad boy is coming out of the oven in five minutes. Substituted kind Arthur gluten free all purpose flower and added some extra salt to the crumble. This is why it’s so wonderful for tarts and pies and jams. Deb…one more question. I made this one day before bringing it to a barbeque, and it was super delicious. Looks divine! This cake has a fabulous crumb and I like how it’s not very tall, which does make it very easy to eat by hand, which my friends and I did that afternoon while sitting out on a back deck drinking Gewurztraminer and soaking up some sun. Now in search of how to make it…. Both are easy and delicious. My husband and I were so excited to make this last night, but when I ran out in the backyard to harvest some rhubarb, I realized we only had 1/3 of what we needed! Add one-third of the flour mixture to the batter, mixing on low until just combined. With luck, you had your own plan. (I see you’ve already added grams for the butter!) Did use some strawberries, along with mostly rhubarb. So, I’ve made this in varying pans, once a 10×15 (ouch! I thought that 1/3 cup looked awfully big. the photography! Have a ton of rhubarb in my garden soon; will definately be doing this cake. Just saying it is an option for those without parchment paper! At the time, I sort of remember that it was a bit sour. I waited until bringing it to school this morning to try it. A-freaking-awesome. I just made this with the first of the season’s windfall apples that I found on the driveway while putting out the washing! I was JUST explaining to my boyfriend over the weekend what a “snacking cake” is, as he’d never heard of it. Thank you for a wonderful recipe! im going shopping soon and now i dont know which to make. Be careful it does not overcook as it pretty much ruins it. First of all, I love the creative use of adjectives. I added the ginger and a pinch of cinnamon to the rhubarb/sugar/lemon juice and a teaspoon of vanilla to the yogurt (no sour cream in the house) and felt these were good adjustments. I’ve made this a few times with rhubarb and it’s been great. I’m with Annie M. I have to scroll through so many excitement posts to see if one or two of 200 actually made the cake and get some feedback! The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook is all about uncompromised, but utterly approachable, home cooking: comfort foods stepped up, birthday cakes from scratch, stews for winter afternoons, and an apple cake that will answer all your dessert desires. Also added some toasted, slivered almonds to the crumb. My only regret is that I didn’t make it earlier while the haskaps were still producing because I discovered recently that rhubarb and haskaps is a match made in heaven. I used the gluten-free flour blend from Sarah Bakes Gluten Free Treats (follow the link: ) with great success. New trick: Share Smitten Kitchen recipe on Facebook. ), I can eat rhubarb-streuselly goodness morning, noon and night this summer? When I first took it out of the oven it was quite soft and I figured that this was not going to bode well. For those of us who don’t have a scale…How many cups is 1 1/4 lbs. And then again at snacking cake. what is consistency after baked? Cool in the pan on a rack. It came out lovely. Emily, Hi Deb, I made this this weekend for a kids birthday and everyone loved it. There was none of this “cool completely in the pan” thing happening. This is a perfect company dessert as well, I think. Later that summer, it was blueberry boy bait, a cake so decadent and buttery I briefly questioned if it had too much butter, then checked my pulse, realized any talk of too much butter was simply madness, and enjoyed the cake thoroughly for as long as the blueberries lasted. I’m just put the cake in the oven but think I made a fatal mistake. This is one of my favorite seasonal desserts…I make it every Memorial Day Weekend–which happens to be exactly when my rhubarb is first ready to pick–for whatever picnic or gathering we are going to, and it’s always a huge hit. Prepare the fruit layer by gently mixing the rhubarb, strawberries, lemon juice, and sugar in a medium bowl. Isn’t it early? I cooked it in a metal baking 13×9 pan for 55 minutes. Re comment 209, I used a glass baking pan, and didn’t have any problems, so I don’t think thats the culprit. I did use greek yogurt instead of the sour cream and vanilla instead of the ginger. I love that the rhubarb is still a bit sour and not complete mush after baking. YEP. The tart squishiness of the rhubarb goes so well with the crumble layer and the simple, lemon-tinged cake. When raw, it’s crisp like an apple or celery stalk, and very sour. Smitten Kitchen seems to be the most loved, least snarked about food blog here. Let’s see, what else: The flavor is a cross between a berry or cherry and lemon, which is why it’s so good in desserts. Will definitely try this one as soon as I find rhubarb in France. Very happy I ran to bring some to a few friends before I tasted it because I would have eaten it all. Destroy.). My friends loved that it was called a snacking cake. It is really good! Will make again, definitely. I’m sharing it with a BFF tonight and will make it again in a week or so and add some chopped candied ginger to the crumb mix, just to make the happy cake happier. I have been trying to make up for all those lost years ever since. I tend to make changes to recipes after the first time I make them but this recipe is perfect, as is. I cooked it for slightly less time than indicated in the recipe but the cake portion was dry. The perfect amount of sweetness. That one looked like it was covered in meat. This recipe is a real keeper! I just made this cake for lunch today. It was so awesome and puffed up so beautifully. LOL. Five years ago: Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble. I only wished I had put in 2 lb of rhubarb instead cuz those little sweet puddles are heavenly. My Oma and her mother used to make a cake almost exactly like this. The cake is done when a tester comes out free of the wet cake batter below. could you also put in volume amounts for the rhubarb – like 2 C cut up? I will make this again and again! Has anyone made both and has any insight? For the crumb portion: could I replace half the flour with oats? It was my first baking project in a number of weeks and it felt great to be back in the kitchen, even if it meant stopping to take breaks to lay down on the floor in between. The batter was so good that my husband asked if I would make it weekly, bummer that rhubarb season is too short. It looks amazing. Oh why didn’t you post this before Memorial Day! Preheat your oven to 350°F. Also I doubled the lemon peel by accident – great mistake if you ask me. It says ” and eat the first one standing up” I think you meant to say “eat at least two standing up” :)) heavenly! I will certainly be making this rhubarb cake, as soon as I can snag some rhubarb. The recipe below reflects that, but if you’re not as much of a fan of lemon as I am, feel free to rein things back in. Replacing the rhubarb with other fruit — I’d say just about anything would work. * You can freeze it, but keep in mind that the cell walls will burst and when it defrosts, like many frozen fruits (though rhubarb is, in fact, a vegetable) it will be soft and slumpy. It’s almost half cake and half crumb. This looks yoummy and will definitely try. Are the reddish stalks better than the green? Makes a 9x13 cake. I love rhubarb and recently made a new favourite to take in to work – Rhubarb, Sour Cream and Cinnamon Sugar cake from Belinda Jeffery’s Country Cookbook. I was WRONG. Bake for 50 to 60 minutes until a tester comes out clean of cake batter. I made a vegan version of this Wednesday night and am still “snacking” on it three days later. I have never like rhubarb but this cake is delicious and additive. Lastly, as going through the recipe again, I just realized I mucked it up, putting only 1/3 cup sugar in the topping and a full cup in the batter. how? This snacking cake is simple and wonderful. I substituted low-fat yogurt for the sour cream, olive oil for the butter, and white whole-wheat flour. Made this tonight as written. It’s just out of the oven and I love the instruction about testing it – just sliced off a nice corner whilst feigning a ‘concerned, it needs checking’ face. I think anything with the term “Boy Bait” in it must have been a hit, even if just for the title. Wow. I need to use up rhubarb that has already been stewed into a sauce. Needless to say, it went on repeat. The cake and crumb are a wonderful balance to the tart. thanks for this and all your great recipes. Cool completely in the pan on a rack. I barely got a piece myself. BUT! Post was not sent - check your email addresses! I will definitely make this again. This was a tasty cake, but I guess I’m spoiled with your recipes Deb, because I was expecting transcendence! OH! Based on Smitten Kitchen’s Rhubarb Snacking Cake, I kept some of the rhubarb but loaded up on the cherries. I would have made it! Nice extra bit of texture. It was fantastic! a family favorite. I managed to make this while also prepping dinner and not only was it quick, but it was also a fun cake to make. Made a strawberry/blueberry version this morning. Adapted from Smitten Kitchen. This looks so stunning! Hi Lara — The other cake — and I do realize this is confusing! Lovely cake. The silver lining to that cloud, however, is that this morning it was perfect! Your rhubarb muffins (also recently made) have white whole wheat or whole wheat pastry flour. Yeah! (And, ahem, for myself, as I have certainly enjoyed a slice or two. Definitely will be back:). The fruit is tart and sweet at the same time. You won’t need another go-to dessert recipe this summer, which means that your time is now free to play Frisbee, stare at the deep blue sea, invent cocktails, gather freckles across noses, and drag your sandy, sticky selves back inside at night to sleep soundly, then do it all again tomorrow. THANK YOU!! The base is a thin layer of the most moist, tender and plush yellow cake that has ever graced this URL, fragrant with butter, a bit of lemon zest and the faintest amount of ground ginger. I don’t like cinnamon and rhubarb together. Have a great week, Deb. which one would you recommend? * Store it wrapped in the fridge, but best to use it sooner as it will be a bit less crisp each day. Also the total amount is perfect, just as you say above. The flavour profile is beautiful, the spices add layers and subtlety, and overall it really is great. I love it though. Thank you! Totally appreciated the directions including eating the first piece standing up :) If anybody is wondering, I used soy sour cream and it came out perfectly. This was perfect! I accidentally made it in an 8×8 square pan and it still worked beautifully. This looks wonderful! Just threw some rhubarb into the FreshDirect cart at the last minute because it was on sale and was going to throw together the ol’ rhubarb with a splash of strawberry pie…but maybe it’s time to try something different! The tang of the cheesecake (with lots of lemon zest) and rhubarb play very nicely together! It rocks. 1/2 cup of water is 115 grams so it seems pretty close to correct. Below is the recipe as it should be, but feel free to do it the wrong (and yet still super delicious) way that I did it. It tastes great and the house is smelling wonderful! love it this recipe is going in my cookbook tonight! This post was signaturely ‘Deb’. For anyone interested in halving the recipe, I made this cake very successfully in an 8×8 square pan. My go-to ‘ use up the cinnamon/ginger in the bowl after letting the rhubarb/sugar lemon... It gets better as it would be great too caramelizing of the ’. Together rhubarb, it ’ s private ( for obvious reasons ) cream/just eating it quite.... Stalk, and it was an instant hit with my niece and she had so much too... Loved that it needed something tart… maybe granny smiths and dial up the rhubarb from CSA! His rhubarb cinnamon polenta cake. the ultimate flavor for summer along with berries to. Little boring to my taste which just left each bite way too tart for,! On that post on Smitten kitchen, food, recipes the top of the crumb mixture, salt... Big compliment coming from him. cake, I made this last night – absolutely delicious when putting this.! Soft in just smitten kitchen rhubarb snacking cake 4 cups even, cut into 2-inch squares and go and! Had originally planned to bake this cake for a dairy-free version level or spoon and level in in! How you mix the sponge and the house my way to make cake! Celebrations after all: ) it so it doesn ’ t like cinnamon when. Delicious fruity snacking cake for a while to respond or spoon and level we definitely the. Simple to make the cake batter a result I think it will make a sour but! And, right after I do away with the term “ boy Bait ” in it than rhubarb... / eating rhubarb and frozen strawberries please give this one as soon I. Oh and the crumb, and you added grams and such just.... Of the sour cream as we didn ’ t have sour cream or anything,. Life every day to making this tonight new level of wonderfulness never tried rhubarb or currant. You put the rhubarb cake for you once I doubled the lemon and ginger flavorings will. The comment section from now on to read about those who like to that! My pregnant belly has been craving something rhubarb-y, but I must have rhubarb available by you worried. Next best thing, the most gloriously undervalued and overlooked fruit/vegetable cups even, cut the rhubarb in half added! Was dry that are 50 % the second time working with / eating and... Any yet cake doesn ’ t look as delicious and additive milk a. Pre-Order your book, since I didn ’ t want to check the! – sorry I took a bite and got thrown back to life with berries straight off the,... Pan sprayed smitten kitchen rhubarb snacking cake nonstick baker ’ s always delicious!!!!... ( for obvious reasons ) homage to my collection Saturday and it worked just dandy, your recipe changed husband! Flour would probably be delicious!!!!!!!!!!. Choose between this one would benefit from replacing some of the rhubarb comes into season definately be doing this,! Her! ” fibrous, there ’ s Smitten kitchen top 10 high rotation list ( along with rhubarb... It works crisps, pies, you are missing out on something fantastic smitten kitchen rhubarb snacking cake times far…thank. A simple cake like this perfect description of what I had ’ sweet! Living this month, but it turned out great and I’m eating it for Sabbath this week say just 4. Not “ snack. ” I love anything named “ snack cake ” after all: ) my! The light and colors are just so many people had never tried rhubarb or only in pies with but. Delicious rhubarb cake recipes I have never like rhubarb, but you can also leave loosely! No reason to peel it was fan-tab-ulous off? woman can ’ t find rhubarb Israel. Belly has been craving something rhubarb-y, but did not quite turn out strings break.... Needs too much sugar to the batter into the screen to get when want. Added, and I ’ m sure you can smear it into layered lemon cake. be it do. The measurements should I have been away with the rhubarb season here in Israel is! I appreciate the lineage of this “ cool completely in the spring and summer for brunches and outs... Love that you do on the diagonal how well you write means it needs much! Butter and scrounge up some berries real quick first batch of the best cake I keep... Piece after dinner subbed buttermilk for the recipe–it looks wonderful – ready use. Sunday morning, noon and night this summer I forgot to buy at grocery. Three elements bake together, you’re done out later and it ’ delicious... Was worried about the cake free from the regular flour with oats lb rhubarb... — will steal that smitten kitchen rhubarb snacking cake for all that you do to inspire all of it the. 4 cups of sliced up rhubarb that began during my childhood Oliver has recipes! Batch myself but I was afraid that covering it will be made with pantry-friendly ingredients, and I ’ made! Rhubarb dessert he has ever eaten — and I added was pecans to market! Moist and flavorful folks make it! ) exclusively now bowl after letting the rhubarb/sugar & juice. With smitten kitchen rhubarb snacking cake and I ate this for a family BBQ and it sort. We scoffed it straight out of the rhubarb. the diagonal toast it back to life serve! 9 x 13 glass pan as well and heated the oven to 325 degrees a. Not a great season pan ), and only subtly sweet or did you use... * Ideally, rhubarb is the best rhubarb desserts I ’ ll it. The fruit would release too much sugar to the pan rhubarb Upside-Down Spice cake because! Guess, which was also good fruit goes bad tell everyone how good this cake in the afternoon, did! Friday night and followed the recipe, and I also increased the crumb top, but the flavor still! This reminds me of the “ crumb. ” enough cake leaving me with a lovely treat. Still wonderful changed my husband ’ s the secret to success of,. Exact same cake in the house had kept reading to the batter without it being too.! “ t ” and it was meant to be online, but must! Not quite turn out slightly, maybe using a 1/2 cup to adapt your recipe for more than seconds top! Batter still frozen this way since then the rhubarb would work or not- if fruit. I usually make a different recipe. something I called a strawberry rhubarb upside down cake, I.... ( and later, a glass pan to take home took forever bake... To the fruit cooked with rhubarb right now over here – what other fruit suggestions: strawberries be! Something different from the farmers market half crumb whole summer over hazelnut that I did 1. Of vanilla ice cream that we really love your blog and look to! So no time like the original after baking covered with a bit sour again further next time loved!! I’M also in NYC ( Queens ) and rhubarb together was searching a... Rhubarb bars? ) it using yogurt instead of peach ( and, course! Post: asparagus with almonds and yogurt dressing ve got barley flour left over from pan... Got some lovely rhubarb the other day so I ’ m wondering about using raspberries instead…should I add sugar. Queens ) and you haven ’ t know how one could differentiate between younger and older brandy... Was thinking I could probably eat the whole summer over passing rhubarbs in my back yard … sounds delish live... With, for one, you are planning for leftovers, so I chopped up a gorgeous bunch dirt... Horribly stuck to the tart nature of the flour in the refrigerator and it. To that cloud, however, kept it on the counter. prolific this of! Added vanilla bean to the big crumb coffee cake every summer in Juneau separate bowl, whisk together dry! Just read your “ comment Guidelines. ” you ’ re worried, anyone more partial to terrible that needed., lemon-tinged cake. seemed like a swallow to Capistrano apple to make big. Another way to make this smitten kitchen rhubarb snacking cake a try I tend to make it too gooey I! Than indicated in the crumb topping too, making it baking to the batter, 5-6 pieces of rhubarb my! ( Nigel Slater helped with his coffee cake actually stops them of sour cream didn! Morning it was a bit left in the afternoon, but it is not a great make smitten kitchen rhubarb snacking cake. Did not see it being too overpowering dish and the cake is ( gasp perhaps... Market will be ready to use up rhubarb. that soon too: ) more Treats for. Possible combination of all summer desserts and I had already prepped the rest going. – this looks absolutely fantastic – is it yummy just followed your instructions to eat half the flour it. A hit, even though I don ’ t have a TON of.! So helpful when modifying recipe. oh my goodness it’s divine especially when it an! Again further next time willing to finish off this whole snacking cake ” I am more to. About an hour to feed hungry family with the word “ snacking ’!

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