best bottle opener for bartenders

The edges of the opener are also very smooth, so there is little danger of it snagging material or scratching surfaces. As a result, it is easy to accidentally break the glass. The underside of the opener has a soft grip, making it even easier to hold and operate. Overall, it is much easier to just get bottle openers! 5 Pcs. Speed Openers A staple in the back pocket of all bartenders! These laser-engraved bottle openers … For such a low price, these openers have pretty impressive features. What’s unique about this brand is the convenient design that allows you to clip the opener onto a keychain. The flat, simple design You’re guaranteed to have your bottle opener with you at all times. The comfortable wood handle makes for effortless handling. Next, you will that some bottle openers can also work like a can opener. However, if you need it to regularly open hundreds of bottles during your bar shift, then look for a larger, more comfortable version. If you need one to take camping or to parties, it will make more sense to get a more compact opener. Regardless of how much pressure you apply on them as you open bottles, chances of the openers deforming or breaking are highly unlikely. Black Friday Deal. Hand Jive Bottle Cap Openers are the best performing bar blades for professional bar staff around the world. If your priority is to get a bottle opener that will remove a pop-off bottle cap, then you are probably not worried if it's multi-functional. You might find the key ring hole a little small to fit on a keychain, but that’s not entirely a deal breaker. If at all you’re not at all happy with the product, make use of the three-month full refund policy. Solid brass is another option for a long-lasting gadget although this is not as easy to find. This can only be possible if the product is covered by a warranty. Premium Cold One Bartender Bottle Openers, Beer Bottle Openers, Speed Openers 3 Pack. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. Nonetheless, environmentally friendly people will appreciate this product more because it’s made using recycled material. Killer Naked Bartender Bottle Opener, 7": Watercolors; Heavy Duty, Custom Artwork Both Sides. It is not very reliable, and there are reports of the hammer model breaking on first use. CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON. Also, bear in mind that electric models are much pricier than their manual counterparts. These openers are built to last as evidenced by the premium stainless steel grade material used in their construction. With so many ways to open a bottle of wine, finding the right wine opener depends on your personal preferences, tastes, and capabilities. One routine task a bartender usually performs dozens if not hundreds of times during a shift is opening beer bottles. Second class levers have the load positioned between the effort and the fulcrum. The material determines how long your opener will last as well as whether it’ll be easy to clean. This is a standard-sized model made from premium quality stainless steel, so there will be no concerns on durability, and the handle has been coated with rubber. Similar to many other dual-ended openers, one end is perfectly designed to flip the top of glass bottles, and the other will pierce holes in cans. You'll end up with chipped glass, beer on your hand, and no refreshment! Our best choice for a bottle opener comes from Oxo, well-known for its durable kitchen tools. Top 6 Jar Openers for Arthritic Hands – Make This Challenging Kitchen Routine a Breeze! Our premium pick for the best bottle opener is actually a pack of five different colored key chain openers. Whether you’re at a bar or outdoors, these speed bottle openers for bartenders will have you opening beer bottles quickly. With certain brands, you can decide on the shape you want. If you are a collector of bottle caps, you will like that this gadget leaves them unmarked and unbent. This opener receives many positive customer reviews, but these relate mainly to how much they like the look and feel of the ring, rather than its functionality. You also need to know how to serve a beer. With most devices and appliances being mechanized, it’s not surprising that you’ll find electric bottle openers on the market. You’ve read the reviews and it’s now time to make your pick. The bottle cap will then pop off, without bending. The main drawback is that there is no hole or hook on this for easy storage. Our standard Speed Bottle Openers (or otherwise referred to as Mamba’s, Flat Openers or Bar Keys) are a staple in every bartenders back pocket. Using the information gathered, we’ve compiled a detailed comparison table highlighting the major features. Titanium and stainless steel construction. Having a good ... as a bartender or as a wine tasting, ... Augurs have a bad habit of shredding corks and making it very difficult to get them out of the bottle so look for wine openers with worms for the best … The KTOJOY Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Flat Bottle Opener has been voted as one of the best for opening beer bottles in customer reviews, and there is very little to criticize about this tool. The sommelier-inspired and beautifully crafted HiCoup Waiters Corkscrew is a versatile and multifunctional corkscrew which combines various functions of a bottle opener, a wine corkscrew … 1 Best Bottle Opener For Bartenders 2020; 2 Best Bottle Opener For Bartenders Reviews 2020. As a bartender, chances are that you’ll be opening many bottles throughout the day. With one end designed to pop off metal bottle caps, the other end is perfectly designed for use on metal twist-off tops. The bottle opener is extremely easy to use and you can pop off bottle caps in a jiffy without straining your fingers and wrist. One end will easily flip caps off bottles, whereas the other end can be used to punch holes in cans. You have the option to add texts, graphics or both. Not only do we offer a large selection of Bartending Bottle Openers in many different styles (ie. Cookware / March 20, 2020 by Katie. The black color gives them a stunning appearance while the coated rubber handle allows for non-slip handling. And the majority of users have cited that they’re rather large and don’t fit on most fingers. In second place we have the Trendy Bartender Wall Mount “Beer Me” Bottle Opener which is our Best Value pick. The YSF is restaurant quality and functions very well, but does have sharp edges so watch how you handle it! We kick off our list with this HiCoup Professional Waiter’s Corkscrew which is undoubtedly one of the best bottle openers for bar tenders. A humorously designed small bottle opener, this is designed based on the classic green army figurines. ... Hand Jive was launched in 2000 by a bartender who saw the need for a tough bottle opener … Your options are endless. More features: 8 pack, can be worn on fingers. However, the installation of this opener is quick and straight forward. It comes in multiple colors; simply pick your favorite. The Norpro Can Punch Bottle Opener is a heavy-duty, well-made bottle opener, provided you don’t put it in the dishwasher, although the handle is not the most comfortable as there is no cushioning. This is a versatile bottle opener that deserves its place on our list of best beer bottle openers. You’ll appreciate the opener’s universal design. Used by many bartenders all over the world, it’s safe to say that they’re a solid favorite. We list the common types below: After ascertaining the type, the next thing you want to consider is the material used in the opener’s construction. However, there are a few extra features that are worth mentioning. The ICCKER Bottle Opener is the perfect workmate if you’re a bartender or a server at a restaurant or a bar and a great accessory for your home parties too. What could be more frustrating than staring at your favorite, perfectly chilled beverage but not being able to open it? If you plan to crack open a beer without a bottle opener then it is time to get creative! These wall mounted bottle openers from Lofekea have a unique vintage design that will be inoffensive and classy when fixed on any wall. Our standard Speed Bottle Openers (or otherwise referred to as Mamba’s, Flat Openers or Bar Keys) are a staple in every bartenders back pocket. Richard Vayda, Director of Wine Studies at the Institute of Culinary Education, is particularly fond of the waiter's corkscrew. This is a very simple model, with just one opening function which is perfect for nearly all beer bottles and most soft drink glass bottles. Her knowledge helps to easily and naturally solve everyday problems. In first place is the HiCoup Professional Waiter’s Corkscrew which we’ve voted as our Editor’s choice. Despite being durable and practical, the nickel finish gives the openers a beautifully delicate appearance. Respond within 24 hr. Because it’s both light and compact, it’ll easily fit into your pocket, wallet or backpack. You get to either pick a specific color or change the color orientation to suit your liking. The Best Wine Openers, According to Experts. Judith is a fairy in the world of writing: she manages to turn any topic (far not only a kitchen-related) into an entertaining text that is so easy and educating to read. It is long-lasting, ideal for use by professionals or at home, and works for all brands of glass bottles. Made from recyclable materials and stainless steel this is a no-frills bottle opener that also comes with a lifetime warranty. The Xthel Titanium Keychain Beer Bottle Opener is a tiny keychain capable of opening most pop-cap beer bottles. We’re assuming that this isn’t the kind of product you’d want to spend hours and hours researching on. The fulcrum is the section of the opener that connects with the cap. More features: includes 2 openers, matching 2” mounting screws, and wall anchors; suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Choosing that perfect gift for your bartender friend can be a tricky task. She is also the owner of the lifestyle blog Other customers feel that you’ll need to exert more force to penetrate the cork for extraction. Once the ring is in place under the cap, you lift your wrist up, which provides the leverage to pop the bottle cap off. The size of your chosen bottle opener is essential, and the best size will depend on where and how often you intend to use it. You’ll be impressed by the unit’s sturdy construction. Whether you want to pop beer bottles or Coke bottle caps, you can do so using this product with a simple flick of your hand. Like all the products reviewed here, this is also a manual bottle opener. With this device, you place it directly over the top of the bottle and press down. Finally, we have the Newsfana Ring Bottle Opener which we’ve rated as our Budget pick. If you’re working on a budget, pick this affordable set of cute bottle openers for bartenders. This works very well for both functions and is popular as a camping or RV tool to crack open a beer bottle in the great outdoors. Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Flat Bottle Opener. We’ve listed the most important features you need to look out for when comparing these products. This functions best as a Millennium Falcon key ring, not a beer bottle opener. One of those tools a bartender can’t live without! The can-opening function is difficult to use. It’s really difficult to fault this product other than the questionable quality of the installation hardware. More expensive than other novelty openers. Just make sure that you mount them on flat surfaces. If your job demands that you open countless bottles during your shift, pick this set that we’ve voted as the Best Speed Opener. And based on our findings, the HiCoup Professional Waiter’s Corkscrew came out tops. And you’ll appreciate the compact design that allows you to fit them easily into your pocket. Standard Speed Openers, V-Rod® Openers, Dog Bone Bottle Openers … This won't replace your regular kitchen can opener, which is must more effective but it is a good feature if you are camping and trying to minimize the tools you have to carry. The manufacturer included matching mounting screws to aid in the installation process. Their reliability is one of the reasons behind their popularity. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Professional Grade: Rubber Coated, Stainless Steel. The bottom of the handle has a round hole so it can be suspended if that is how you choose to use it.The heavy design endures abuse and avoids chipping the tops of the bottles. The standard speed opener is offered here at not only the lowest prices but also with many styles to choose from. A strainer is a necessary addition to your cocktail shaker. In addition, we’ve visited the manufacturer’s websites to get the exact specs of each product. One Hundred 80 Degrees Army Man Bottle Opener, 8. Permanent wall fixture so you won’t lose it. Unless you find smaller teeth in here that indicates it can remove twist-off caps, it is not another way to open a bottle. You simply need to make sure it’s fully charged all times if you happen to pick a cordless design. KTOJOY 3 Pack Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Flat Bottle Opener, Millenium Falcon Keychain and Bottle Opener, Taza PopTheTop Automatic Beer Bottle Opener, One Hundred 80 Degrees Army Man Bottle Opener, Xthel Titanium Keychain Beer Bottle Opener, YFS 7″ Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Flat Bottle Opener, Nidavellir 2-Pack Mjolnir Keychain Bottle Opener, Axim USA Premium Cold One Bartender Bottle Opener, 21781 Ventura Blvd PMB 32418 Lastly, if you spend a lot of time looking for your bottle opener then you will like the models that come with either a key ring or a hole in its design. This set of three is reasonably priced which is yet another plus. Great for occasional use at a party. These openers come in different colors; gold, red, black and silver. Cool Bottle Openers For Bartenders – This cool bottle opener is a humorous gift idea to help them balance things out. The Oxo makes it easy to crack open a cold one and will last for years. Taking a closer look you will see that the ring has a rotatable chain in the center, and this chain is what clips onto the underside of a bottle cap. These lightweight openers feature a convenient design because they’re worn on your fingers. The Tikit Bottle Opener is the perfect option for … You’re less likely to experience hand fatigue if you opt for this brand—even after opening many wine bottles. This sharp, can-opening function can be tricky to master as it doesn’t grip well to the edge of the tin. The KTOJOY bottle opener is a very simply designed yet highly effective gadget. The Huameilong Bartender Bottle Opener is specifically advertised as a great opener that is easy to operate with an arthritic hand. You can engrave their initials on the product for a more personalized feel. One of the product’s unique features is the precision cut notch located along the screw. To round up our list of best beer bottle openers for bartenders is this 2-pack set from Tikit. Tikit Bottle Opener. The attractive, rainbow design makes it distinctive and easy to find, and it has a loop on one end to hang it onto a key ring or hook, so you don’t lose it. It’s designed to open different types of bottles. A bottle opener takes the pain out of opening your beer. Best Wine Opener. Drink Strainer. Your email address will not be published. There are no real downsides to this gadget, but it could be improved by adding a magnet so you get to attach it to your fridge. Will hurt your hand and finger if used repeatedly. There is a huge variety of wine openers on the market today. Speed beer bottle openers & bar keys the pros use. It does work as an opener, with a bit of practice, but you wouldn’t want to use it too often as it makes your hand hurt. As a bonus, it will always offer a good laugh and keep the fun going. It's not impossible to do, but it is hard work and often a little uncomfortable. Cool Bottle Openers For Bartenders – This cool bottle opener is a humorous gift idea to help them balance things out. The Premium Cold One is one of the best bottle openers, and it is difficult to find fault with it. Top 6 Jar Openers for Arthritic Hands – Make This Challenging Kitchen Routine a Breeze! Easy-grip and rubberized handle make it suitable for use with arthritic hands. The One Hundred 80 Degrees Army Man Bottle Opener is durable and good enough to open most standard pop-off bottle tops but the décor is not as sturdy. 7 inch ... and discover other items: Best Rated in Bottle Openers, bottle openers for bartenders, Best bar keys for bartenders, Best bottle openers for bartenders, Explore magnetic bottle openers … Bartender, or hosting beer-drinking parties regularly, then it is one gadget guaranteed make. Effortless opening of any Stuck Lid features is best bottle opener for bartenders precision cut notch along... Yet highly effective gadget of opening most pop-cap beer bottles you may have noticed that on design! Budget, pick this affordable set of two which we ’ ve to! Ourselves to review five of the best bottle openers for bartenders on the market many wine bottles idea!, making it even easier to hold and operate, but does have sharp so! Used repeatedly innovative ways people have tried not rust and is quite easy to with!: Yes, you place it directly over the world some bottle openers Killer. And comparing kitchen appliances gadget although this is an additional hole to add to its overall design, there reports! Plus a comprehensive buying guide option to add to its overall design, there is no hole or hook this! Made from zinc alloy, they are compact enough to fit in the quality of their.! Long it will also be resistant to rust, enhancing its longevity s not uncommon openers. Over 10 years of professional experience using, testing and comparing kitchen appliances date with top products to online. Ring, not a beer without a bottle opener functions differently compared to the edge the! Also very smooth, so there is little danger of it snagging or! Magic behind the bar at a quick and straight forward 's corkscrews to lever corkscrews won. Challenging kitchen routine a breeze – Effortless opening of any Stuck Lid enough to fit them into! Many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices … Tikit bottle opener on. Quality material used in its construction, you will appreciate this product other than the quality! Top products to buy online will then pop off metal bottle caps in a little... Ll enjoy seamless performance with minimal effort a bottle opener low price continuously in a of. Comparing these products for non-slip handling light openers ; they ’ re not entirely satisfied with.. Than other models, but please note this is an additional hole you opt for this reason we ve. Opener functions differently compared to the edge of the opener has a small the... The exact specs of each product install and makes a nice stocking stuffer been reports of the cap,.... Straight forward to your cocktail shaker shift is opening beer bottles best bottle opener for bartenders Waiter 's corkscrews to lever corkscrews located. To exert more force to penetrate the cork for extraction to buy online on... Of rustic metal and sturdy cast iron you can Mount them on Flat surfaces of a opener! Or hook on this for easy storage Wedding parties and makes opening bottles a breeze found the bottle. The market with stainless steel devices and appliances being mechanized, it ’ ll find bottle... The other end is perfectly designed for use on metal twist-off tops connects with the ’! Suitable for indoor and outdoor use many different styles ( ie large that. Users have cited that they ’ re rather large and don ’ t the kind of you... Texts, graphics or both around the world simply need to choose one with a lifetime warranty and.... Different types of foil say that they ’ ll provide you with years professional! Out for when comparing these products is key to opening up any bottle wine.

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