Smart Device For Consumer Understanding.

Analysis to drive strategic decisions on
displays, racks, shelving and products with more engagement/participation.

Benefits of our product.

Multiple source information from different retailers, distributors or Sellin DB, allows you to analyze various KPIs: sales, price, margin, inventory days, among others. analyze various KPIs: sales, price, margin, inventory days, among others.

Connected IOT sensors

to the cloud to provide information on what is happening in the store.

Demographics of people

mood, age range and gender.

Product inventory

on display or shelf based on weight.

Controlled led screens

centrally displaying consumer-based content.

Commercial alerts

for loss of products or OOS.

Consumer traffic

and engagement

Our solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What is IOT solutions?

They are devices and sensors that are integrated into the elements of everyday life such as furniture, entrances, doors, shelves, etc.. And that allow to generate information and patterns to later use it for specific improvement purposes.

What is IOT solutions for?

Store Intelligence develops Internet of Things (IOT) solutions to generate KPI measurement in general.

How can I use IOT solutions in my business?

Any physical location of your business has certain indicators that could be automated and understood such as: temperature, # of consumers entering, consumer definition and profiling: gender, age and attitude.

What benefits can I get from IOT solutions?

All devices generate information, and this information is centralized so that you can make decisions about that information. We can cross-reference device information vs. traffic and sales indicators, for example, to maximize your investments and generate more value for your business.

The integration of our products maximizes the benefit of the sales process, integrating from consumer understanding to the basic sales opportunities in your business.

Our Products.