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Track different SRM pricing elements:

discover the technology to monitor any website that offers products or services at a certain price.

Benefits of our product.

Offer vs. other players on all relevant websites and different product manufacturers/competitors.

State-of-the-art technology

It helps you change the dynamics and accelerate decision making in your business.

Get price vs. key competitor

We provide analyzed data to help your company create the best strategies based on pricing and competitive activities.

Analytics as a driving force

Make decisions so that your business understands on a daily basis what your competitors are doing with similar products.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

What is price competitiveness?

Price Competitiveness shows how other brands are pricing similar products you sell. You will see an average price for each product, which will help you understand the price at which other brands are successfully attracting consumers.

How does it work?

It works through different advanced methods such as RPA, web scrapping and also API collection from all available e-commerce sites in a way that mimics what a real consumer does. It delivers information about all products in a category within all portals that are chosen on a daily or even several times a day basis.

How does this product improve my business?

- Maximize pricing strategy

- Counteracting competitor activities

- Offer differentiated products based on the proposals of the different e-tailers.

- To achieve the best proposal for the consumer in terms of price and product.

What is price competitiveness for?

Serves for competitive analysis by understanding on a daily basis what your competitors are doing in similar presentations in all e-tailers. Allows you to analyze from one point the omnichannel strategy by cross-referencing it with the sales analytics product.

The integration of our products maximizes the benefit of the sales process, integrating from consumer understanding to the basic sales opportunities in your business.

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