Consumer behavior

Based on Wifi analytics Wifi analytics.

Understand repeat and first time customers, Link the
consumer information with POS Ticket.

Benefits of our product.

Get the data, visualize and identify consumers (recurring and new), understand RFM from start to finish.

How recently did the customer purchase?

Understand customers' latest purchases and consumption patterns.

How often do they buy?

We provide customer frequency information to identify customer engagement with brands.

How much do they spend?

We help you understand what type of customers your product reaches and their buying habits.

Improve the customer experience.

Thanks to the data obtained through Wifi Analytics, you will be able to improve your customers' shopping experience by making personalized shopping strategies.

Actionable information through insights

With the right information analysis you will be able to pursue incremental business opportunities with each and every consumer.

Improve operation through your wifi ap.

Improve your in-store operation by obtaining information from your customers and profiling them to better serve them.

Our solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What is wifi analytics?

Through the Access points (Internet access routers) of your store or restaurant you can obtain information about your customers and profile them to better serve them.

What is wifi analytics for?

Through Wifi Analytics you can capture data about your customers and what is the consumer journey within the physical location.

How does wifi analytics improve my business?

With the correct analysis of the information generated you can develop customized strategies through your CRM or any standard CRM in the market in order to pursue incremental business opportunities with each of the consumers in the most personalized way possible.

The integration of our products maximizes the benefit of the sales process, integrating from consumer understanding to the basic sales opportunities in your business.

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